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This is the short and sweet solo debut from the guitarist of the Legendary Pink Dots. 
It's very simple, but beautiful, and at times reminds me ofif the late Nick Drake would have had a slightly more country feel tohim. Throughout the disc, Martijn plays acoustic guitar, fiddle, banjo,and handdrums. He also sings very simple lyrics that have a warm flowto them, about the road, birds, and the reflection of the moon in hislover's eyes. His solo style is very different from how he plays withthe Dots, as I did not expect such a blend of acoustic rock, folk, andcountry. The result is surprising, but ultimately good and filled witha very down and out emotion. This CD-R was "recorded at home with 2microphones & tapedeck, March 2000." It is limited to 100 copies,which are only available on their current tour.