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If I weren't such an incurable Church fan, I might not have given this CD a listen.
 I have always felt that Marty Willson-Piper's solo albums to be a bitweaker than his Church bandmate Steve Kilbey's stuff. Something for theChurch collector in me, between proper Church albums. After pickingthis CD up, I am happy to say all of my previous reservations weretotally blown away. This stuff is a welcome change to the work done onrecent Church albums, and certainly Willson-Piper's strongest albumsince "In Reflection". The tracks run from slow atmospheric to upbeatChurch-like rock from the "Heyday" era.
I've never feltWillson-Piper's lyrics to be his strong point. However, most of thewords on the songs here are clever and charming without any pretense(which I certainly can't say about Steve Kilbey's solo stuff). And hisguitar work is as stunning and beautiful as it has always been. I'm noteven going to get into the harmonies on some of the tracks like"Sanctuary"...I'll just get gushy which is really rather disgusting. Ireally can't recommend this CD enough to people who just want somemusic to bliss out to on a rainy afternoon with a lover.