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While the former singerof Helium gets the top billing on this record, the talented productionand playing from a young miss Christina Files (of Boston's Victory atSea) shouldn't go unrecognized.
  Between the two, nearly all theinstruments are played in this honest and direct album. John McEntireadds some vibes and synths on a few tracks. "Mountains" might be sloppyand pouty girl indie rock at points but there is a certain charm deepinside. Maybe it's because I miss the attitude from Liz Phair'spre-married life albums, perhaps it's just the hormones. The songs aredirect, the instrumentation varies comfortably between tracks but notso much as to make it sound like a collection of bits thrown together.The performance and execution leave no tricks or blinders on thelistener, Mary's a talented writer, she and Christina are excellentplayers.