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Matt Weston, "For Teri Morris"

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A loving tribute to experimental percussionist Matt Weston's collaborator Teri Morris (of Crystallized Moments and Tizzy), the two pieces that make up this 7" showcase his strengths as a one-man band, while crafting a pair of songs that are as independently captivating as they are touching.


The A side, "Coiling for the Kickback" quickly locks into a repeating, garage rock like groove, with Weston’s understated guitar playing and rock solid percussion keeping things focused, but occasionally drifting into tastefully sloppy, punk influenced material.

"Walking Through the Undertow" kicks things off more abstract, with cut-ups of cheesy organ, cheap drum machine rhythms and solid live drumming before eventually coming together in an ever so slightly jazz-dub-tinged overall sound.Both songs conclude with some of the raucous, and overall much upbeat material being underscored by an ever so slightly sad, mournful melody that adds an appropriate reverence to the otherwise celebratory work.