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A brilliant new 10" LP from this wonderfully surreal and demented act. Each song is a new hilarious tune, consisting of a slieu ofbizzarre samples, put together and working remarkably. Absurdities andstrangeness galore - think cut-ups like Negativland, People Like Us andNurse with Wound with the humor of V/Vm tossed in. The record clocks inat around a half an hour, with 23 songs total, though some are justsmall snippets of crazy samples. This is definitely a band well worthchecking out. And for those of you who ever get the chance to see theirstage performance, go: costumes, miming, dancing, and Irene Moon, whogives lectures on science and sings songs about tapeworms. Theyrecently toured Europe, though their last show was the Beer and SausageFestival in NYC, with Pansonic, People Like Us, Speedranch, and others.For more information, go to their website, or contact them for releases at Nerve Rust, PO Box 211, Athens, GA 30603, USA.