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In their own words, this is "a ridiculous display of personal hygiene through over-sampled funk and breathing problems."
 I saw this bandlive about 4 years ago as one of five people in the audience and wascompletely stunned by their insane and delightfully tastelessperformance. I hadn't heard anything about them since, so needless tosay, I was very surprised to see this 7" turn up. The music isincredibly amusing, and highly innovative in its own ways. Using aplethora of eccentric samples, they combine a kind of extreme congodancin' funk to create this surreal music. This release also comes witha free ingrown toenail! Definitely for fans of Negativland, Nurse withWound, Volcano and the Bear, and the likes. They have several otherreleases available through their record label, Nerve Rust, which youcan contact at Box 211, Athens, GA, 30603, USA. Tell them Brainwashedsent you.