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Picture a constructionsite, three architects decide to erect a building while workingtogether, when they're done another architect deconstructs the buildingand uses the materials to build it his way, adding what he feels thebuilding would look good with.
  Add a third architect to take thematerials and construct his own version, but this time adds his ownsignature style to it. Thankfully in this case, each building is fun tolook at and enjoy. "Mystery Brethren Vironment" with Takemura andTsuyuko bleeds of beautiful guitar wash and subtle female vocals a'laMy Bloody Valentine. Jim O'Rourke's take on "Mystery" is a sereneRoland 808-accented guitar, vibe and electronics interplay, which overten minutes builds into a wonderful wash of reverberated vocal samplesand white noise. A third version of "Mystery" is presented byTakemura's Child's View who uses echoes that trail the vocals andguitars from the first version while incorporating more glitchyelectronics (familiar to Takemura's own style) to create somethingalmost completely new. The other tracks on the CD include a mesmerizingdubby echo-reverberated organic instrumental 10+ minute jam-like piecewith Doug Scharin's Him along with a beautiful guitar, organ, vibe andpercussion bit with Curtis Harvey (Codeine/Pullman). "Collaborations"is the latest offering from Dylan Group front man and Bubble CoreRecords kingpin Adam Pierce. As a whole, this five-track collectionholds together amazingly well in comparison to similar long-players ofrelative artists - being half as long (just over 40 minutes) and hardlyas tiresome as those double-record remix collections with a group ofartists thrown together without much in common. For fans, this isalmost everything you would and wouldn't expect from Pierce - for thoseunfamiliar but interested, this is a great place to start.