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MIMIR, "3"

The third album from post-rock post-kraut post-goth supergroup Mimir features members Christoph Heemann and Andreas Martin of HNAS, Edward Ka-Spel and The Silverman of Legendary Pink Dots with seminal guitarist/producer/noise artist/Spice Girls fan Jim O'Rourke.
This LP-only release from Anomalous comes in a limitededition of 950 green vinyl copies (and 18 black). The soundscapes arewonderful and the acoustic guitar adds a dimension completely foreignto most LPD and HNAS works. The LP is released nearly 6 years after thesecond CD, "Mimyriad" was released also on Streamline. It's dreamy andserene, only after being harsh, percussive and abrasive for quite a fewminutes. The album is very charming and hard to pinpoint exactly whathappens where as nothing's labelled anywhere. Of course that's allsupposed to make for a more interactive listening experience, right?Okay, I'll admit it's becoming increasingly hard to describe. Well,you'll just have to trust me on this one - don't pass the album up ifyou're a fan of O'Rourke or the spacious Silverman or noisy HNASworks.