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I could probably review a new Muslimgauze cd each week at the rate they're released!
  This is thevery latest remix disc, Bryn Jones re-visualizing 26 minutes worth ofFrench psychedelic spacerock band Reverberation. "Blue E." is a rathergeneric house music loop with a smattering of Middle Eastern dialoguemixed in. There's very little in the way of a Muslimgauze sound in thisone and it unfortunately drags on for nearly 8 and 1/2 minutes. "NiteTime - Praying Time" is my favorite with a hypnotic mix of chants,guitar, scratching and staggered rhythm. "Autogyre (Rocket Mix)" ismore aggressive with a squelchy bass line and uptempo jungle-lite beat,background voices and wailing siren. "Space Goes On" is about the sameas the previous track, though a bit more cut-up and once again too longat 7 and 1/2 minutes. "Free Your Soul" is the nearest to pureMuslimgauze with a big dub bass line and distorted and volume swelledbleeps and sweeps. But, it's only 2 and 1/2 minutes and not all thatinteresting. Altogether "New Soul", like most of the other remix discs,is disappointing. It seems that neither the soul of Reverberation orMuslimgauze comes through adequately. Even the most ardent Muslimgauzefans, like myself, won't be spinning this one very often. Future remixand collaborative works include the new 2 track Bass Communion vMuslimgauze EP out now and "Abu-Dis", a 2 cd remix collection ofothers' tracks (including Talvin Singh and Luke Vibert) due thisSeptember/August ...