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Nobukazu Takemura, "Sign"

Making its way to the shops this week is the CD issue of the nowlegendary 12" single originally released (and reviewed) back inDecember of 2000. "Sign" has got to be one of my favorite 12" singlereleases in the last few years, with a B-side that clocks in over 36minutes.(You can find the original review here.)On the CD, the original tracks are coupled with the new track, "Meteor"while the remix of "Sign" is omitted. The most remarkable bit this timearound is the second "bonus" CD-ROM which contains the full 9+ minutelong music video for "Sign." Too big to be downloaded nor fitcomfortably on a CD which already has over 64 minutes of music, thevideo is beautiful but bleak. It's an animated story of the featuringanimal experimentation, industrial pollution and war machines starringan angelic robot (pictured on the front) who tries to save the dayamidst mass destruction. It's captivatingly snazzy with animationentirely by Katsura Moshino (who I think was providing the animationduring last year's Takemura tour opening up for Tortoise). With anyluck the video will make the indie animation fest circuts, to thosemusic programs on Sundance Channel or even possibly M2. It's that good.-