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Nurse With Wound, "The Man With the Woman Face"

Longtime NWW fans are going to be very very very pleased with thisalbum. Shaved down to a mere duo featuring Steven Stapleton and ColinPotter, this is almost a tribute to the more ambient and free-formearly to mid-period Nurse with Wound.
The original mission statementfrom 1978 included a provision that Steven Stapleton didn't like"songs" and the last few full-length albums ('An Awkward Pause', 'Actsof Senseless Beauty', 'Who Can I Turn To Stereo' and 'Rock 'n RollStation') have all been heavily song-based. Clocking in at under 40minutes, this particular journey is comprised of three pieces: the twoendpieces which linger around the 15-minute mark and the 8+ minutemiddle piece, whose title loosely translates to "Up in the Air,Singing" in Gaelic. Musically, it's perhaps the most intimate Nursewith Wound has been, with a particular, almost personal subtlety whichI haven't detected probably since 'A Missing Sense.' The album openswith a warm underscore, scatterings of organic and electronic noisestwitter and scurry by, accented with quiet, mumblesome voices, bees,finger piano or marimba (I can't tell) and various other sound effects-NOT- simply recycled from previous projects. It continues with analmost arguably surprising twist of events as the "band" jumps intofull-force instrumental hyper Kraut-rock mode towards the end of thesecond track. The music and feel of the last track almost echoes the'Musical Pumpkin Cottage'-era work from Stapleton with Tibet. Thevocals repeat the title over and over again, comfortably easing anylistener into utter bliss. This album can easily become one of my mostlistened-to records for 2002.