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One of the most foul-mouthed, sleazy, perverse, sexist and nasty records I've ever heard.
In a word: excellent! Funny, funky hip hop from one of the manymembers of the Wu-Tang Clan. For those with a not-so-uptight sense ofhumor, this album is really great - laughs from start to finish at thelewd and crude lyrics of Big Baby Jesus. ODB repeatedly displays hisinability to really sing, but does so in a very catchy way, along withthe accompaniment of various other flavorful backing vocalists. "Idon't have no trouble wit you fuckin' me - but I gotta little problemwit you not fuckin' me" is a rhyme in "Got Your Money" - a must for allwomanizer fans. It isn't all sexist humor, though; there is theoccasional drug and violence reference. Despite being one of TipperGore's worst nightmares, though, the album is unique in its genre -nice to own even for those who aren't normally into hip hop and/or theWu. Pretty much, if nothing else, this CD is a violent sleaze-fest ofpretentious dirtiness that makes you shake that ass.