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After listening to this everyday for over a week now, I am happy to report that it is indeed growing on me!
 I think my initial reservations about the new"accessible" sound were valid, and I'm not yet sold on all the songs,but there is certainly enough here to make this a keeper. Letting go ofthe past and accepting this on its own terms was a start (and thanks toRichard Leviathan for his thoughtful comments in private); beginning to"hear" the lyrics and how they inform the music has been particularlyhelpful.
"Operation Valkrie" was perhaps the obvious choice for the pre-releasepromo single, but my current favorite is "The Wolf's Door". It's thatrare gem of a song that conveys a deep sense of melancholy, yet alsomanages to be uplifting and a source of strength... I can't get thatchorus out of my head! I am also leaning heavily towards "Serpent'sWine". Nice work!
Life is a field of Emptiness.