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Oval's "Process" providessomething of a meditative environment, meshing static hisses and popswith droning and often soothing washes of noise and whistles.
  Soundsevolve from ringing bells into long, distorted fits of hysteria andthen return to their original nature. The sounds aren't as immediatelygorgeous and inviting as "94Diskont," but repeated listens reveal moreand more joys in these soundscapes, many of which are extremely visual.There are some stunning moments, especially when the sounds take a backseat in your mind instead of demanding your attention in a noisymanner. Throughout most of the tracks a popping "rhythm" sound isrevealed and provides an image of or the feeling of being on a journey,as though you are a part of Oval's process; a process that isstrikingly beautiful at times and destructive at others but neveroverbearing or unlistenable.