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Okay, so this album came out about a year ago but after some listening I finally want to give it a wee bit of attention.
  Peace Orchestra is essentially Pete Kruder (ofKruder & Dorfmeister fame) and this full-lengther is a serene dublounge journey. With organic drums, bass guitar and lightly treatedorgan sounds, the illusion of a full band on groove mode is well-kept.Droning "ambient" noises and sound effects coupled with the emotionalbasslines could easily make this disc a strong contender for some Lynchfilmwork. Shuffling rhythms combined with spacey keyboards on othertracks would be much appreciated by any Laika or Orb fan. Without askip of a heartbeat, each song flows into each other without steppingon themselves or fading into the distance. (I sincerely hate songswhich end prematurely or get drowned out by a new song fading up.) Myrecommendation: get this disc before your next low-key small gatheringwhere everybody sits in the livingroom after dinner, playing games,talking and ingesting their favorite chemicals or minerals. As an addedbonus the CD comes with a bandage stuck to the front - behind thebandage on the booklet is a small cut!