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"Anthology 2"

Come Organization's second anthology collection may not be as lengthyas the double CD first volume, but it is of equal importance. Thematerial picks up where the last one left off, pulling music from 1981and 1982 including Come's entire album 'I'm Jack,' most of thecompilation, 'Für Ilse Koch,' as well as two pieces from MaurizioBianchi's 'Weltanschauung' LP.Ironically enough, Come's contributionsare the lowest fidelity portions of the disc. At the time, Comeconsisted of William Bennett and Jim Thirlwell. This album was recordedas the Whitehouse project was taking off and Come was coming to an end.The inclusion of each side of their album are presented for fans whodon't want to pay the exhorbant prices to buy the limited LP on ebay.The music basically sees the two screaming and thumping on percussivesand detuned bass guitars for over 15 minutes. The remastering of tracksfrom 'Für Ilse Koch,' is astounding however, but not all of the LP isincluded. Musique Concrete and Consumer Electronics both contributecut-up tapework of tv and radio broadcasts combined with sound effectswhile Nurse with Wound's "Fashioned to a Device by a Tree" is a quitenoticably different mix of the recording Steven Stapleton revisited forthe 'Automating Volume One' LP and CD, presented here in its originalform. The most impressive parts are from Maurizio Bianchi, whosesymphonic noise movements alarmingly predate what a number of softwarejunkies seem to have done by over a decade. Collections like these area great way to both preserve the music which can easily be lost foreverin time and introduce newbies to a time where noise was post academicmusique concrete and pre critical acclaim. With any luck StevenStapleton might eventually to do the same with the various UnitedDairies compilations. -