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With "Collision Course"Kevin Martin compiles 14 exclusive and/or rare vinyl tracks from thevaried sonic wasteland where hip hop, drum 'n bass and noise quiteliterally collide ... a place he is very familiar with himself throughIce, The Bug and Techno Animal, among others.
  I like most of my hip hopto be uncompromising and creative and that's what I get here. Anti PopConsortium, Rubberoom, Mike Ladd and Thawfor let the intelligence oftheir respective MCs do the work through their complicated rhymes. DJScud & Nomex's "Total Destruction" makes for the most challenginglistening with ear splitting frequencies piercing the ragga and manicbeats. Elastic Horizons and Bad Company are a little out of place withlengthy, fairly run of the mill drum 'n bass tracks. Biomuse, 2nd Gen,Bomb 20 and Patric C lay down slammin' noise and/or sample drenchedinstrumentals. Fever and Sensational are in dire need of MCing skillsinstead of the bland and aimless mumbling found on these dreadfultracks. Alec Empire unfortunately transforms Ice's "Trapped in 3D" intoone of his typically monochrome hyper speed endurance tests. Don't letthe atrocious artwork scare you away because the overall balance iswell in favor of dope over whack. I figure the purpose of a compilationis to turn you on to new artists and that's exactly what "CollisionCourse" has done for me ...