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"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Twisted Nerve But Were Afraid to Ask"

Following that palpitating heart over Misty Dixon last week, someresearch was actually conducted. Turns out Misty's not a person, but aquartet from Manchester. I can't find any albums yet but there is atrack on this compilation, "Misty Dixon and some other less-significantfriends or something" (don't believe what the record label tells you).
Of the 19 songs on this collection, 18 aren't Misty Dixon tracks. Threeare from the most definitely non-Misty Dixon Badly Drawn Boy. Weren'tpeople raving about him a couple years ago? I honestly don't rememberhearing anything remarkable from him but the songs here are kinda cuteand very peppy and short. I hear he had a really sexy backup band forsome tour a couple years ago. Andy Votel (another non-Misty Dixoncontributor) lends some tracks on a collaboration with Badly Drawn Boyas well as some playful songs all his own. Dave Tyack is MistyDixon-related, yet the two of the three tracks as DOT and two as DakotaOak have nothing to do with Misty Dixon. Thankfully one DOT track getssaved by a Misty Dixon remix. The Misty Dixon track, "Headlights (AndWhen We Drive)" certainly isn't as saucy as their cover of "TheBeautiful Ones" but is a charming quiet rock melody with a guitar linewhich could probably gain them lots of mileage in Louisville. Othernon-Misty Dixon artists like Sirconical, Cherrystones and SupremeVagabond Craftsman make their appearances with instrumental songs aspleasantly playful as pretty much the rest of this compilation, whichupon further examination, seems to gather a bunch of songs from varioussingles and albums released by a label called Twisted Nerve, who areembarassingly short in Misty Dixon releases. Next week I plan to beginmy letter-writing campaign.