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Long beforeadvertisements put Nick Drake on the minds and in the home stereos ofEuropean car drivers, Elsie and Jack were preparing a tribute disc.
 From experience I'm now realizing that compilation discs can takeforever to piece together, so the result can be quite rewarding whenit's finally materialized. Here's part one of their tribute to NickDrake, an unlikely release from a label which has previously brought usloads of fun glitchy experimental electronic noisiness, but charmingall the same with a special package to boot (see their website)It features interpretations of Nick Drake classics by Jessica Bailiffand Jesse Edwards (billed as Northern Song Dynasty), Warn Defever, theAutumns with Simon Raymonde, Archer Prewitt and others. Drake'sinfluence can be heard with bands like Low, Ida and Red House Painterswhile his songs translate well through the artists on this collection.Volume 2 will follow eventually and may include Ida, Brent Gutzeit andIn Gowan Ring among others.