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All new for 2000 is the latest collection from Colin Newman's Swim label. 
Featured here are 17 tracks from all the bands on the current roster ofchampions. Sold at an affordable rate, this collection isn't one tomiss, featuring Silo, Steve Gears, Lobe, Legion of Green Men, Ronnieand Clyde, Symptoms along with family members Malka Spigel (Colin'swife and ex Minimal Compact) and their 11 year-old son, Ben (recordingas Bumpy). Plus, of course there's a couple Colin Newman and Immersiontracks tossed in, one being a Mick Harris remix. Colin truly has an earfor great music and this showcase is a perfect place for beginners intothe Swim label. Most of the music runs a line between electronic, beatfriendly, rock-oriented and instrumental head bobbing tunes. While I'veheard and grown fond of most of these artists, a shocking surprise is"Pizza," the track from Ben Newman as Bumpy, both entertaining andalarmingly mature for someone his age, but then again I guess growingup around Colin and Malka it's somewhat inevitable.