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"Unbearable Candies"

The first CD from the London-based Unbearable Recordings label is acollection of music which previously only existed on a series of 7"records.
Of the 19 tracks, 14 are done by three in-house artits, MySelfish desire, Arcade Audio Assault System and label maestro GuidoZen's Gamers in Exile. The remaining five are reconstructions by (asthey put it) a distinguished panel of future unbearable heroes: Cex,V/Vm, Cathode, Duplo Remote and Nish. The qualitative critical beatsand melodic hooks exhibited on the original versions are eitherconsciously or unconsciusly trying to put the "D" back in IDM. ArcadeAudio Assault System's three tunes are jovial and springy, with theoccasional jumps and skips just to keep you on your toes while Gamersin Exile's variety of electronica ranges from deep beats, quirkyMacintosh voices, to synthetic symphonies. The first of two tracks fromMy Selfish Desire are slightly rougher around the edges, withperculator beats, digital distortion and magic piano while the otherone is a hypnotic bottom heavy butt shaker. The remixes are drasticenough to keep the interest yet close enough to fit in appropriatelywith the comp. The Unbearable label should not be unaudible. It maytake a while for their records to reach other shores, but demand itfrom your fave electronic outlets. More releases should be featuredhere soon. To find out more, check out