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"Vertical Forms"

UK-based label Vertical Form have failed on a number of planes withthis compilation. First off, I don't ever want to see another promo CDshow up in my mailbox without a cover, artwork, a tracklisting, ornotes to go along with it. This compilation has received a ton of spinson my players at home, work and inbetween, but up until now I haven'thad a goddamned clue as to who's on it.

Vertical Form failed again withtheir nondescript website. I also don't want to see another recordlabel website which "isn't done." Take it from me that a web site for arecord label should serve more function than form. When I want to findout about any release, all the information like, say, tracklisting,would be beneficial. Thankfully there are some other places on the netwhich published the information Vertical Form was sending out. Myfindings: some of my fave modern instrumental electronic softwarehackers collected together - including Mum, Isan, Kid 606 andFunkstörung. Ten tracks, which according to press releases are "builtfrom the foundations over 30 years of electronic music." In allhonesty, that particular claim is a load of pretentious bullshit if Iever read it. If it is any inclination to the music, it can be saidthat all this type of stuff has been done before. 'Vertical Forms' hassome great tunes but it could easily be a dead ringer for a follow-upto the legendary 'Artifical Intelligence' compilations released fromWarp ten years ago. The songs are very basic, but consistent with eachother on the slower tempo, repetitious digital basslines and awhitewashed dub content. Most of the tracks sound like throwaway Warptributes, like Funkstörung's attempt at a Tri-Repetae song "Lolita,"Isan's Boards of Canada tribute, "Dirno, Nanno, Keel" and even Mum's"Hufeland" which effectively mimics 'I Care Because You Do'-era AphexTwin. The genital-impersonating bass sounds on Smyglyssna's"Hintergedanke" are a warm welcome differentiation from the rest, butit really doesn't save this compilation from being much more than thememusic in a chill-out room circa 1993. Thanks guys, but try harder nexttime, however. I'm beginning to think that if I see another compilationCD of artists like this I'll scream.