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"Wave Two - Unbearable Heroes"

The second CD compilation to emerge from Unbearable Recordingshighlights recordings from Cursor Miner, Goodiepal and Nish. Anybodyfamiliar with the music of Nordic wonder, Goodiepal knows there isabsolutely no predictability.The music could be sheer noise or a sixminute symphony. In this case, I think young Mr. Goodiepal has beenplaying too many Mario games circa 1992 Nintendo and has either come upwith some rejected game themes or has been writing a score to achildren's cartoon adventure. It's certainly the most consistentlymusical collection of his in one place. I can't get over the feelinghowever, that each song represents a different scene from a super Marioadventure from a bright, grassy blue sky bit, through a dark forest andinto a murky underwater scene. Next up, Cursor Miner seems to beobsessed with breakfast and breaking up beats numerous times in thesame track. Once you get your feet tapping, the rug's yanked out fromunderneath you. There are a couple exceptions like "Out of the FryingPan," when the choppy beats are replaced with long delayed echoes andrumbling noises or "Babbel," where a freaky indescribable repetitiousdelay is guaranteed to drive anybody completely mad. Finally, fivetracks from Nish close the compilation with charmingly unrefined,unpretentious shrill noises and post-apocalyptic score, peppered withwhat could easily be mangled sound effects and stomach-churning grit.Click and cut this, baby. It's only limited to 500 copies so get yoursnow. -