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One album which shouldmost definitely have been instrumental is the fourth full-lengther fromformer Depeche Mode electro wizard, Alan Wilder.
There's a reason forDepeche Mode's success with Alan in the band - Martin Gore may havebeen a great writer but he needed Wilder's talented fingers andmechanical mind to keep the music and instrumentation fresh andexciting. Wilder also needs a good writer if he's going to pursue thiscareer in vocal music - as basically his lyrics and choice of vocalistsstinks. Even Diamanda Galas couldn't save this record, although hertracks stand out far above the rest. Some might remember NicoleBlackman as the vocalist who ruined a perfectly good instrumentalGolden Palominos record with spoken word all over it, she does a goodjob of killing 3 out of 10 tracks on "Liquid." The Alan Wilder formulais here again almost carbon copied from the last full-lengther,"Unsound Methods," the sounds are truly excellent but the music isinherently boring and serving a purpose to back up vocalists. Please Ibeg, release an instrumental version of this record.