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When's the last time you bought a compilation with 500 tracks by 500artists? Never right? You can now. This LP features just that ... 500locked groove tracks, 250 per side.You drop the needle where you want,listen to the locked groove until you're sick of it, then drop theneedle somewhere else. It's a pain in the ass but it's fun too. Some ofthe more familiar names among the 500 artists: Aube, Zoviet France,Otomo Yoshide, Terry Riley, Project Dark, the Haters, Lee Ranaldo,Thurston Moore, Masonna, People Like Us, Sonic Youth, etc, etc, etc,etc, etc.
This is the first time I've reviewed something without actuallylistening to it all beforehand ... but do you know how long it's goingto take to hear all of these tracks? Quite a long time. Someday when Ihave a lot of free time on my hands I'll sit down and do it and maybetape them off.
Anyways, I dropped the needle randomly several dozen times on bothsides for this write-up. What I heard were short (a few seconds apiece)found sound style loops of just about everything you can imagine:whirs, clicks, whistles, buzzes, drones, clankings, bangings,scrapings, industrial noises, electronics, drums/percussion, dialoguebits and undescribeable samples and collages. A lot of reallyinteresting sounds here ... quite a few you can leave repeating for agood length of time. The record comes in a neatly designed b/w gatefoldsleeve inside a clear bubblewrap cover with the full list of artists onthe inside. This is one of those items you own just because it's uniqueand cool, show off to all your friends and don't necessarily spin allthat often. Art, for cheap, at around $10 ...