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Many may recognizeRussell Mills' name from the artwork for NIN's "The Downward Spiral,"others might know his name from the multitude of audio/visual artinstallations that have taken place all over the world.
  Bella Unionpresents the debut Undark release, originally released in 1996 for alimited time direct from the label, but soon being sent to storesworldwide. The usage of different musicians and combinations from trackto track echoes ideas from This Mortal Coil albums from the 80s,differing styles yet remaining linear from start to finish of thealbum. Some songs that have an avant-garde classical feel, with verysubtle mutations of noises in the background and classical instrumentslayed over. Others, though, are very beat driven with fresh soundingnoises, sampled and noodled around with an attention to detail. Thevocal track "How Safe is Deep?", would also appeal most likely to fansof Eyeless in Gaza. For the most part, however, the album is devoid ofsinging, although often touched with voices and scattered fuzzysamples. Much like the last Undark album, guests include Brian Eno,Bill Laswell, Roger Eno, and David Sylvian. And, of course, the sleeveart and design was done by Mills himself, and showcases a newcomputerized direction for him.