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Pod, the new proper album from S.E.T.I. is, well, adisappointment.
  After Knowledge, Above Black, the first live CD-R, andvarious Various Artist appearances, I was starting to think thatS.E.T.I. was the best thing since alien sliced bread. Unfortunatelythis release appears to be little more than "Here's all the samples Imade the other releases with". What is going on? For completists only,methinks.
Also out on Ash R.I.P. is a new CD-R from S.E.T.I. - a liveperformance from earlier this year. For your money you get: Anunlabelled CD-R, a white card sleeve witha sticker on it. On thesegrounds, you might think the VFM was particularly low - you would bewrong. This release contains Mr Lagowski at his heights. One longbeat-free, mixed together track of scariness, aliens, vibrations, um,Carl Sagan, and more show how good S.E.T.I. can be. This is an amazingrelease, if you liked the previous S.E.T.I. releases, you won't bedispappointed. Definitely recommended.