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Shit Robot, "Wrong Galaxy"/"Triumph"

Stuttgart-based Marcus Lambkin is one of the newest DFA members and as Shit Robot his 12" single is two sides of groovy 8+ minute genre-bending dance poop.



Somebody could tell me "Wrong Galaxy" is a rare abandoned 808 State 1991 Xmas single and I wouldn't argue. It begins with a simple one-measure bass riff, repeated and exploited almost beyond bearability and is later decorated with tons of Roland drum machine sounds. Non machine sounds like jingle bells and what could be a tinkling guitar appear but aren't major players in the tune. '80s synth sounds provide a major melody that's easy to dig on and like most DFA stuff will be completely shunned by Euro techno snobs and warmly appreciated between rock band sets at bars where the PBR flows freely. "Triumph" is undoubtedly a fitting tribute to the underappreciated Canadian power pop trio, with a faint live playing of a guitar underneath the mesmerising sequencer one while what could easily be one of those key-tars howling a main melody. The three chord guitar riff that comes in halfway through sounds uncomfortably out of place but somehow works during the occasional breakdown. "I SAID MORE COWBELL, DAMNIT!!!"