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Slicker, "Frustrache"

Generally, most US released EPs make a reasonable amount of sensewhereas a number of UK-issued EPs (with two parts, each for $10 andrarely featuring more than one exclusive track) leave me feeling pissy.Thankfully this release follows that convention more closely. Thelatest from Slicker is a follow-up to last year's 'The Latest' with theoriginal LP version of the title cut plus five other tracks of remixesand other songs.
Like a number of Slicker tunes, "Frustrache" is a verythick, fluid, cool sounding electro jam with more emphasis on making agood sounding tune rather than making awkward adventurous beats. It'scontrasted by the second track (a mix of something I'm not familiarwith) "Mother Fuckin' Yeah," which punches back with dirty broken beatsand a heavy hip-hop vibe. Co-owner of the Shitkatapult labelT.Raumschmiere contributes a pumpin' click'n dubby house version of thetitle track while Plug Research artist Safety Scissors' version is abeefy bottom-heavy dance mix. The high point on this disc is mostdefinitely from Joshua Eustis (of Telefon Tel Aviv) as his mix of anunrelease Slicker tune, "Keep On" is a kind of futuristic sleazy slowjam, sliced and diced with an added Telefon Tel Aviv spice -eardrum-rumbling bass freqencies, serene synths and a healthy portionof drum sounds and organic piano playing. The EP's closer "Ride theRide" is an unreleased Slicker tune which could have easily beenrecorded during 'The Latest' sessions but didn't quite make it. Whilethe sounds and beats are familiar sounding to most Slicker tunes, themusic stays unusually constant throughout the track with very littlevariation involved. Picture a long, drrawwwwwwn oouuuuut houuuuse tune.Instruments are added and subtracted to the generally driving loop overthe course of this lengthy 12+ minute closer, ending in nearly threeminutes of electro hiss and twinkling. If I could make one wish for2002, it would be for more cutting and less clicking and hissing.