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Did you cry when Slowdive broke up?
  South Pacific are Graeme Flemming (drums guitars samples),Joachim Toelke (guitars) and Phil Stewart-Bowes (bass), and if youanswered yes to the above question you really want to hear them play.Constance is South Pacific's first full-length release on TurnbuckleRecords, following their "33" EP - now out of print and increasinglydifficult to find. Full of drifting guitar landscapes and upbeatpercussion, this album is a perfect for days when you would rather havemusic shape the patterns in your head then words. Vocals appear on onlyone track, and even then seem to barely cut through the atmosphere.Almost any of the songs on Constance could have easily fit ontoSlowdive's "Souvlaki" or "Just for a day" because of the driftingquality of the music and the use of similar effects, but South Pacifichave a decidedly different direction to their music. I am finding itvery difficult to put any other albums in my cd player this week.Verdict: Strikingly beautiful music to dream by, don't operate heavymachinery while listening. South Pacific releases can be orderedthrough Turnbuckle at