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Perhaps it's one of them'contractual obligations' from the label, but this collection,appropriately titled, gathers bits and pieces from all over SHJ'srepertoire.
  Oddities is much more diverse and experimental than theirprevious full length releases, as it showcases the bands range of amultitude of styles as opposed to having an album which start tofinish, barely strays from the drum-and-bass lines. This release alsofeatures a spoken word piece from William S. Burroughs, "The Road tothe Western Lands," which has sounds of distant saxophones and, ofcourse, the cut up and layered words of Burroughs. It isn't until trackthree, "Trouble," that sounds of percussion start to arise, and eventhen they are extremely chopped up and form a very disjointed, noiseybeats that morph - stoping/startomg, with odd sounds affects thatresemble either a woman or a bird, I can't tell. This track is 12minutes long, and midway deteriorates into occassional syhntheticnoises which, do unfortunately become slightly tedious. Track four,"Shine a Light," has some very beautiful parts to it - echoing, fadingelectronic sounds and samples, with random beat-esque noise on top. Forthe most part this disc is very quiet and droney, as opposed to theirjazzy influenced, punchy sound. It's a great collection of fans butisn't entirely representative of older works, however.