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Static, "Eject Your Mind"

The sky is grey and dismal on a cold, rainy winter day. You're alone ina room, looking up at the ceiling, with piles of things to do and noenthusiasm to do them. All is not bleak, however. As fate has it, thereare excellent albums like this one to keep you company, painting abright picture on an aural canvas.
There's an undeniably similar feelwhich comes from releases on City Centre Offices and Morr Music thatpeople have grown to love and respect. I think it has to do with acertain sense of unspoken optimism and hope the music seems to emit.This Static CD is no exception. Hanno Leichtmann has been releasing anumber of singles as Static, but this is his first CD. Bright melodieshave been carefully constructed through a number of sources in abalance which borders on perfection. Patient, tinkling melodies arenever buried under an overabundance of sounds nor do they compete withstrategically placed beats. Not one sound on this disc is sharp,painful or out of place. Of the nine tracks, two feature vocals byRonald Lippok (of To Rococo Rot and Tarwater) while another featuresJustine Electra (who has also worked with Tarwater). The vocals aremerely complimentary to the music, however, not crucial but on theother hand, not unwelcome by a long shot. Spark up and bliss out. Did Ijust say that?