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This 10", limited to 1000 copies, is the third and final installment ofthe Systemwide Meets Muslimgauze remix series begun last year (see also"at the City of the Dead" 12" and "Lo-Fi India Abuse").
 It features 2 more tracks from the sessions, 're-mixs' of "Nommos" fromSystemwide's 1997 dub album "Sirius". "Nommos' Ark" is very fracturedwith many sudden stops and starts as fast drum 'n bass rhythms dominateand bits of the original's keyboard gurgles churn up here and there.It's a headache inducing 5 minutes if listened to at the wrong time."Nommos' Ghosts" is about a minute longer, also quite fractured butmuch slower paced with a delayed dub groove, heavy vinyl static noiseand electro bleeps that give way to and eerie, fading keyboard melodyand intermittent percussion loop. The vocals from the original song areeither obliterated or gone altogether, thankfully I might add. "Ghosts"alone makes this worth the $9 (postage paid in the U.S.) direct fromBSI Records ( The record is thick blackvinyl and comes in a yellow-orange sleeve with the title and arabicinscriptions around the center hole. It's rather dull in comparison tothe much more complex artwork that graces the other two releases. Justanother little piece of the enormous and ever expanding Muslimgauzepuzzle to add to your collection. The next release due out is the twotrack Bass Communion v Muslimgauze CDEP. Never mind the fact that boththe Nommos tracks found here could have fit on the "Lo-Fi India Abuse"CD and the two new BC v M tracks could have fit on the first BC v M CD.They sure know how to milk it for all it's worth, don't they? Oh well.I'll be buying them all like all the other addicts ...