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There's no way a protest against the WTO (World Trade Organization) is going down without Jello Biafra getting involved.
  Jello has helped expose the evils ofcorporations and government for over 20 years through spoken word andmusic. This past December, Biafra and makeshift band Krist Novoselic(Nirvana, Sweet 75), Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) and Gina Mainwal (Sweet75) performed live, amidst a sea of cops and tear gas, for some of the40-18,000 protesters at the "Battle in Seattle". The introductory trackis a fifteen minute spoken ramble by Biafra explaining the importanceand details of the protest and various other related tangents. Of the 4songs, 2 are new and 2 are old. The band, who were raised on old schoolpunk, do justice to the Dead Kennedy's classic "Let's Lynch theLandlord" and the 16+ minute Biafra/D.O.A. epic "Full Metal Jackoff".The new songs "New Feudalism" and "Electronic Plantation" are fast punkrock anthems that lyrically attack the WTO and big business practices.The 26 page booklet contains all the lyrics (some updated for the year2000), liner notes of the happenings by Biafra and Novoselic,information on the WTO courtesy of the Institute for ConsumerResponsibility and photos of the band and protesters in action. It's ashame there isn't any multimedia footage of the band and/or protest onthe cd itself. The NO WTO Combo helped make a little bit of history, instyle, and this cd does a great job of documenting it and informing thepublic (myself included) beyond the agendas of the mainstream media ...