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Trans Am almost got what they wanted with this release - the right to release the songs they wrote and recorded!
  It basically stems from the workings of theJapanese music industry. Prices of CDs in Japan are so high, thatrecord labels will demand bonus tracks on CDs released in the land ofthe rising sun. They do this to avoid mass importing of CDs from theUSA and other countries. In turn, bands like Trans Am end up signingthe rights over to the label in Japan who'll put anywhere from 5-10bonus cuts on a CD. Is this fair to the fans? Who is it fair to?Personally I would imagine the damn industry ought to pressure themanufacturers to lower their prices or take their business to pressingplants outside of the country. I also figure that there's moreTortoise, Trans Am, Stereolab and other indie music fans in the NorthAmerica and Europe importing these discs than there are in Japan buyingthem. Okay, rant over, this CD collects many (but not all) of the bonustracks from Trans Am's first four CDs. It's a healthy dose of both theelectronic funk and hard rockin' hits. One bonus track, "Monica'sStory" has been included while "Alec Empire is a Nazi/Hippie" has beenrenamed as "Nazi Hippie Empire." Also present are the tracks on that12" from Happy Go Lucky, "Illegal Ass," "Koln," and "Randy Groove."It's a fun collection and will save some of the fans from buying thoseoverpriced imports, but keep in mind, there are indeed things left out.