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Vladislav Delay is a 23 year old sound artist from Helsinki, Finland.
  His output of recent andthe near future is extensive, including 12"s and full lengths onnumerous hip labels: Sigma Editions, Chain Reaction, Max Ernst &Freunde, Phthalo, Force Tracks and here Mille Plateaux. "Entain"combines 4 new tracks with "Kohde" and "Ele" from last year's debut cd"Ele" on Sigma. Each of the tracks, with the exception of 2 briefuntitled segues, are between 15 and 22 minutes in length for nearly 77minutes total of continuous unfolding music. "Kohde" sets the tone witha flow of disjointed micro sounds (bass swells and blips, metallicplucks and pings, minuscule bits of percussion, glitches, pops, clicksand barely discernible human sighs) set against a reverb shroudedambient drone. The sounds gradually slide into a mildly funky rhythm assubconscious melodies also rise up out of the mix. The 22 minutescontinually evolve/devolve, almost inexplicably, and never becometiresome which is remarkable. And it's simply beautiful! "Poiko" and"Notke" are a bit more abrasive, repetitive and structured, the formerfeaturing a glitch loop and the latter a bass throb as centerpieces fortheir duration, while "Ele" is more similar to "Kohde". There is astrong sense/feel of improvisation and controlled chaos within thismusic and it's all purpose suitable to deep, background or REM timelistening. With the glut of artists working within the future musicfields, Vladislav Delay is one to pay attention to. He is trulyextending the boundaries of the electronic frontier with innovative andevocative sounds ...