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Two brand swanking new 7" single releases are available now on vinyl from v/vm Test Recordings.
First up is a two-single tribute to Falco featuring a distortedv/vm'ized interpretation of Rock Me (h)Amadeus, Vienna Calling andJeanny part two (coming home). Goodie Pal also makes an appearance onhere with Steuea with a "Falco Punishment" and a mysterious appearancefrom the Notorious P.I.G. echoing Falco's "The Sound of Music" with"The Sound of the Pig". Get it before it's illegal!
 Next up, an even more seemingly illegal pressing is "Attitude" from Kid606 backed/with "With Attitude?" as Tigerboy. "Attitude" is 606'simpression of NWA's "Straight Outta Compton" fucked over andrematerialized. Fookin' brilliant, this track is one of those thingsyou need to drive down the streets in the low rider with big honkin'woofers in the back proudly broadcasting the song to the streets.