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This is a wonderfully schizophrenic release, with an aptly chosen name.The hypnotic andmultivaried samples and loops take sounds which hark back to thepsychedelic sixties, and yet sound so crisp and clean and engineered,as they are mixed with other sounds which cross musical genres frombaroque to industrial noise.
The first song sounds almost like a 60s beatles ripoff, and then turnsinto this very dirgey noise with some The The-like electric harmonicasounds. The elephant trumpet samples mixed with orchestral sounds inSnowfish add a very surreal quality to an otherwise manic piece. Everysong just goes nuts half way through, providing no end of surprises,and yet there is a cohesive theme that carries through the whole CD,providing a very entertaining trip. If you enjoy high-energypsychedelic weirdness, unexpected and out of context sounds throwntogether in a rhythmic way, and occasionally amusing spoken wordsamples, this CD is for you. One small comment about the packaging - itis incredibly difficult to insert and remove the CD, so one of thefirst things I did was trim the packaging so it would fit into a jewelbox. It was a very easy operation to perform.