Okay, so the film's now 2 years old, but it's French and you most likely missed it anyhow.Fucking brilliant. The Europeans really know how to make an awesome car chase movie. The story is kinda weak but it's really just there to string the car chases together. A down on his luck detective, Émilien employs a lead foot Taxi cab driver to help the police department solve the bank robbery case from the German Mercedes Gang! Daniel, the taxi driver has been caught speeding way too fast and is forced to either help the pigs or give up driving forever. Sure, it's kitch but the chases more than make up for it. At lightning speed, tiny European sports cars race through the streets of Marseille. The camera shots are incredible and the action just keeps your pulse pounding. Taxi 2 has just been released in France and trailers and photos are available at so go rent the first one and catch up before the cheesy sequel hits a hip theater near you!