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I appreciate the span of variety on you offer to your listeners on your radio station.  Could it be your aim to offer such senseless ecclectism with  and little coherence.
Couldn't you categorise your radio a bit more according to people's tastes and needs in music research?
I agree that for people who are at the first stage of discovering music, the way it is now is perhaps the best way.
However, for those who have been listening for quite some time now, couldn't you have specific programs or "grouping" of specific types of music? I like what I listen to but I never know which name I should give it as a "type" or "style" of music. Knowing this, wouldn't it enable
people with a high interest in music, to facilitate them in their research?
I dunno, an Andrew Chalk night for example?
Or a Matador records day?
Or a Kranky day?
Or a "you've been hearing this all along and now is the time to know where to find these things in reality "by overall type"?
Or...would such categorisation break your radio's ideal a bit?
If so then, forgive me for my arrogance.

The Brainwashed Radio is what it is.  It's like conventional radio, but we're broadcasting to the world so there's no predictability what time and day any particular listener is at.  It's easier to keep it going on random as it is, and you can tune in when you can listen.  It's there for you when you want to put it on.