Brainwashed Radio: The Podcast Edition

Redwood Forest Stump from FayeBrand new music this week from The Soft Pink Truth, Waveskania, Sam Gendel, Ian William Craig, James K, Kamikaze Palm Tree, Sunfear, Mr. Curtains, and Justin Wright, plus classics from The Cat's Miaow, Hydroplane, and The Legendary Pink Dots.

Massive stump from the Redwood Forest in Northern California from Faye.

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"A Tribute to Spacemen 3"

While I'm not big ontribute discs, this one has really grabbed my attention. "A Tribute toSpacemen 3" features some wonderful tracks like Mogwai's pretty versionof "Honey", Bardo Pond's heavy sonic "Call the Doctor", along withLow's haunting "Lord Can You Hear Me Call?" and Bowery Electric's"Things'll Never Be the Same". My only real beef with this is thatthere's too many songs from S3's "Playing with Fire" and nothing fromother great albums like "Recurring", leaving me wonder how muchSpacemen 3 these bands really listen to.