Kid 606

Kid606 tours Europe!

Tuesday, 17 September
germany berlin x-wmf
Wednesday, 18 September
uk leeds brudenell social club
Random Number,
Printed Circuit
Friday, September 20th
London UK
Electric Company
many more!
others: Photek, Grooverider, Bad Company, Adam F, Ed Rush, High Contrast, Jaques Lu Cont, Tom Middleton, Propellerheads, Erol Alkan

Saturday, 21 September
uk london slimelight @ electrowerks
Ryo - co
Make Some Noise + Spiky Records
( 10pm - 7.30am, £8 / 5 non members )

Sunday, 22nd September
uk dublin spirit
Schneider TM

Tuesday, 24 September
france poitiers carre bleu
Dwayne Sodahberk
Wednesday, 25 September
france bordeaux zoobizarre
Dwayne Sodahberk

Thursday 26 September
france grenoble The Mandrake
Dwayne Sodahberk
Friday, September 27th
La Grande Halle de la Villette,
Erol Alkan (trash)
The Rapture
Jacques Le Cont (aka les Rhythmes Digitales),
2 Many DJs

Saturday, 28 September
uk birmingham Capsule @ The Custard Factory
Dwayne Sodahberk
Sunday 29 September
uk manchester the attic
Monday, 30 September
uk cambridge junction
Dwayne Sodahberk
Tuesday, 1 October
uk nottingham moog
Dwayne Sodahberk
Thursday, 3 October
belgium leuven stuk
Dwayne Sodahberk
Friday, 4 October
greece athens olon

Saturday, 5 October
russia moscow 16 Tons

Sunday, 6 October
london plastic people
Tigerbeat6 showcase w/
dj rupture, dwayne sodahberk,



    Wednesday, August 14th
    Dance Dance Troublethon
    all danceparty dj sets all night from yr favorite trouble club resident djs
    (except for kit clayton who has to stay at home proframming):
    Sutekh,Televazquez,Jon Santos,the Fresh Blend,George Chen,Uprock,Kid606,Gold
    Chains,Sue Costabile,Philip Sherburne
    at Amnesia in SF
    (853 Valencia b/t 19th & 20th)
    only $3!

    TROUBLE @ C.A.F.E 2002

    Thursday, August 22nd: The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the DNA
    Lounge present C.A.F.E. 2002 - a Benefit for EFF's Campaign for Audio-Visual
    Free Expression *featuring the Trouble cru*
    9pm - afterhours
    Front Room:
    Celebrity Boxing! - Wil Wheaton vs. Barney
    DDR (Smitten, Stay Up Forever/UK) - live
    Mike Bee (True Intent, Bottom Heavy, Rewind, Future Breaks FM)
    Ian Raikow (aka Perfect - Beta Lounge)
    Monty Luke (loopwreckas/3PA-Imperial Dub)
    Speakers: Wil Wheaton, Heather Gold, Shari Steele, John Perry Barlow
    Trouble presents:
    Kid606 (Tigerbeat6, Ipecac, Mille Plateaux, Trouble) - dj set only
    Uprock (kelpandcircuits, Tristero, Trouble) - live
    Lance Grabmiller (Praemedia, Grinder, Underground Inc.) - live
    Philip Sherburne (Trouble,Cops Fear Pimp Turf War, XLR8R) - dj
    And also some 80's and goth hits in the lounge from:
    DJ Random (Full Circle)
    Lucretia (So What, Death Guild)
    Visuals: Scott Pagano
    C0DE at the DNA Lounge
    375 eleventh street
    21+ w/id
    sliding scale donation requested
    The Campaign for Audiovisual Free Expression (CAFE) empowers the creative
    community in cyberspace by protecting the public's access to and use of
    audiovisual technologies. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the
    leading civil liberties organization working to protect rights in the
    digital world. Founded in 1990, EFF actively encourages and challenges
    industry and government to support free expression and privacy online. EFF
    is a member-supported organization and maintains one of the most-linked-to
    websites in the world at

    trouble presents
    live acts:
    kid606 (tigerbeat6, ipecac, mille plateaux,violent turd)
    numbers (tigerbeat6)
    sutekh (orthlorng musork, force-inc)
    crack (w.a.r.)

    resident djs: kit clayton, philip sherburne, televazquez

    moving pictures by sue and the musorkians

    monday april 15th, only $10 ALL AGES!!!
    free new tigerbeat6 compilation CD to all attendees!
    location: great american music hall
    859 O'Farrell street
    starts at 8pm sharp

    our first Trouble show, please join us and marvel at our fab DJ's KIT CLAYTON, PHILIP SHERBURNE and TELEVASQUEZ, the live electrofunkIDM stylings of UPROCK-last seen opening the awesome schematic valentines day party! the corrupted softcore punk hardcore no wave sounds of the always fashionable CRACK-we are rock!
    the hypnotic experimental sounds of international techno mastermind SUTEKH! SF favorites NUMBERS with there nonstop rocking synth-drums-guitar and vocals creating a twisted cross between gang of four and adult! and last but not least in support of his new album "kid606 the actionpacked mentallist brings you the fucking jams" being released on violent turd in april, the uncompromising Oakland breakbeat plunderphonic booty bandit sonic terrorist KID606!

    all paid admissions will receive a full length "and the beat goes off" compilation cd absolutely free of charge featuring new tracks from kid606, Cex, blectum from blechdom, numbers,electric company, gold chains, dj rupture, nathan michel, pimmon, aelters, MAIN, com.a, Lesser, kevin blechdom,wobbly, knifehandchop, stars as eyes, Nudge vs. Casino vs. Japan, knifehandchop, kid606 vs. dälek and dwayne sodahberk

    Trouble is the leading provider of boredom-abatement solutions for San Francisco's experimental music sector (predicted by Forgemaster Research to be a $23.67 market by 2007). Faced with the increasing ossification of San Francisco's dance music, puerile noise, and alternative rock scenes, Trouble was formed with the sole purpose of attacking club-goer complacency. With over 60 years of promotion experience behind it, the Trouble Conglomerate -- including Kid606 (Tigerbeat6), Kit Clayton and Sue Costabile (Orthlorng Musork), Sutekh (Context), Gold Chains (Tigerbeat6), Jon Santos (Static, CommonSpace), Uprock (Kelp and Circuits), Televasquez (Incomplet), and Philip Sherburne (unaffiliated hack) -- promises a nightclub experience unlike its competitors' genre-strapped, tempo-bound, thump-thump rehashings. Instead Trouble offers a wildly unpredictable mashup of BPMs, styles and instrumentation, where the laptop lies down with the mic-stand, the ghost of funk-punk rumbles with bastard breakbeats, and 808s meet the '80s: pure electro-frisson.

    Trouble. Bringing the hassle since '02.

    Friday june 14th, sonar hall
    Kid606 (live)
    Cex (live)
    Wobbly (live)
    DJ rupture (live)
    plus possible special guest to be confirmed later
    along with everyone from pet shop boys to christian marclay
    go to for more info

    Kid606/Lesser japan tour! - "flying swimming vol.00000"
    2002.0531 osaka-club rockets///adv-\3000.door-\3500
    2002.0601 tokyo-cay ///adv-\3300.door-\3800
    2002.0602 kyoto-club metro ///adv-\3000.door-\3500

    feat. kid606, lesser, merzbow, spectre, sensational, mentol nomad, kouhei, rudolf and dj yas(kemuri prod), 1945, imany

    KID606, JAMIE LIDELL, GOLD CHAINS - "and you will know us by the trail of pregnancies tour...."
    (lidells gotta get citizenship somehow!)
    monday 1-Apr New York, NY Knitting Factory
    tuesday 2-Apr Baltimore, MD Ottobar (new location) w/ Cex
    thursday 4-Apr Montreal, PQ La Salla Rossa w/ knifehandchop
    friday 5-Apr Toronto, ONT Tequila Lounge w/ jetone???
    saturday 6-Apr Detroit, MI Magic Stick w/ what would jason do? (wwjd)
    sunday 7-Apr Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
    monday 8-Apr Minneapolis, MN Entry w/ lost in translation
    thursday 11-Apr Seattle, WA I Spy
    friday 12-Apr Portland, OR Dante's w/ nudge

    606 is on the cover of this month's issue of The Wire magazine (UK).

    In addition, he'll be touring all around North America with the Butthole Surfers. Tour dates and details available at TB6.

    "P.S. You Love Me" is scheduled for release from Mille Plateaux on June 28th. The disc features 12 remixes and alternate versions from "P.S. I Love You". Tracklisting:
    1. act your age
    2. twirl - photo shoot remix by Matmos
    3. whereweleftoff - fortune cookie remix by ATOMTM
    4. sometimes - the kabuki rock mix by Farben
    5. unleft by Pan American
    6. p.s. I love you autobahn by Rechenzentrum
    7. together - the discreet charm of kid 606 by Electric Company
    8. whereweleftoff - drool string ukelele rmx by Twerk
    9. sonquizzon
    10. horseback
    11. p.s. I dub ya/posterboys of the apocalypse
    12. goodbye

    The Twirl EP is now available on 12" single from Force Inc. Track Listing is as follows:
    side a:
    1. whereweleftoff - droolstring (ukelele remix by TWERK)
    2. sometimes (FARBEN remix)
    side b:
    1. together (KID 606 remix)
    2. twirl (KID 606 remix)
    3. twirl (photo shoot remix by MATMOS)

    Kid 606 - One of the most dangerous men in the world!

    Check out the Teen FAQT issue with Kid on the front.

    New Tigerbeat6 shirts are available at the ever-changing TB6 website. Kid's moved to Oakland just recently and is working on some new stuff. More details available soon.
    Now available from TB6 is the CD release of 'GQ on the EQ.' This CD collects stuff released on the GQ on the EQ 10" single originally released on the 555 of Leeds recording label as well as many other tracks that were recorded or released around the same time through various 7" singles here and there. GET IT NOW!!!

    Kid606's full length for Mille Plateaux will be out on October 17th on cd/double lp!. "P.S. I Love You" is 55 minutes, 9 tracks and all songs wer made between early '99 to now and how does it musically relate to any other Kid606 releases? It doesnt! Live with it.....track listing is....
    1. sing it.
    2. whereweleftoff
    3. together
    4. twirl
    5. sometimes
    6. now I wanna be a cowboy
    7. sonqizzover
    8. strum
    9. fuck up everything you can before you plan on slowing down
    KID 606 LIVE!!!
    Sunday, August 13th at Bottom of the Hill is the night of the first official tigerbomb, which is the monthly club organized by tigerbeat6, Haus de Snaus, Lesser, Orthlorn Musork, Deluxe and a host of other friends and musicians. We hope to do this club at Bottom of the Hill regulalry, keeping it real with a low cover charge, great music, all egos left at the door and lots of games and prizes and one of these days a honest to gosh bobbing for apples contest!!!
    For any info or if you are interested in playing at it, email

    Down With The Scene has been released by Ipecac.
    The Soccergirl EP has been released by Carpark.
    The Attitude 3" CD is now available on tb6.

    Over at, there's an audio freebie. The complete song of "track titles for live jams are pretentious" is available in full screaming MP3 format! Up with Tigerbeat6 Crew!
    kid606's new full length is DONE, even mastered it in SF a day before leaving for europe. It is coming out on mike pattons IPECAC recordings label, home to such fine acts as fantomas, the melvins, maldoror and yes, now even ministry!!
    anyway, its called "down with the scene"
    Its 16 tracks feature guest appearances by mike patton, kevin martin, brad laner, hrvatski and many more.......track titles are...... . . . . . . . . .
    1. chart topping radio hit
    2. luke vibert can kiss my indiepunk whiteboy ass
    3. buffalo606-the morning after
    4. kidrush
    5. GQ on the EQ
    6. punkshit
    7. secrets 4 sale
    8. juvenile hall roll call
    9. ruin it, ruin them, ruin yourself, than ruin me
    10. two fingers in the air anarchy style
    11. for when you are just happy to be alive
    12. it'll take millions in plastic surgery to make me black
    13. dame nature
    14. hardcore
    15. my kitten
    16. in love with all you are and forever may be as if my soul depended on it to survive
    there, be happy, it took forever to make and there sure as heck wont be another anytime soon!!!!


Check out the Kid 606 profile - at the definitive source for Electronic Living, Skinny.


  • fatcat split series 10, christoph de babalon and kid606 is out and about, receiving rave reviews the world over....... for info.....
  • attitude 7" for v/vm was fiiinnnnaallly pressed and shipping soon...
  • 555 of leeds are putting out a kid606/lesser split tour 7" for our euro tour, three new kid606 rollers and a new lesser epic..... for info, no idea if it will be available in the states....
  • the kid606/remote viewer pic disc on 555 of leeds is at the plant
  • kid606 is quite ill at moment though he is still managing to play the new smell in la tonight, feb 19th.


    • WEBSITE IS LIVE. Welcome, thanks for coming.
    • Did you read the story about Kid 606 in Apple online?? Check it out at
    • tigerbeat6 website is also live.
    • European tour dates with lesser are in the works for March and April. They'll be posted right here once they're official.
    • "kid 606 and friends vol. 1" is now available for purchase at finer music establishments all over the world. Friends appearing include Matmos, Lesser, Chessie, Aube, Electric Company, Solvent, Cex, Jake Mandell and many many others. Manufactured in the USA and internationally released through tigerbeat6.
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