The Soft Pink Truth Is All Grown Up:
Drew Daniel's Story So Far

Crying and eating: age 1
Stumbling and gurgling: age 2
Talking all the time: age 3-5
Drawing pictures of robots: age 6-9
Preppy, conformist phase: age 10
Family moves to Europe for a year: age 12
Moves back to Kentucky, becomes bad breakdancer: age 13
First punk rock show: age 15
Starts punk rock fanzine The Conqueror Worm: age 16
Sings in punk rock band Cerebellum: age 17
Goes off to study philosophy at U.C. Berkeley: age 18
Go Go dancer at Uranus (San Francisco gay bar): age 18
DJ at Klubstitute (San Francisco gay bar): age 19
Joins Young Inspiration Gospel Choir (as atheist): age 19
Solo noise performances as Western Blot: age 20
Starts Matmos with boyfriend M. C. Schmidt: age 21
Marshall Scholarship to Oxford University: age 22
First outdoor raves and sound system parties: age 23
DJ at Technical Support (Oxford gabber/jungle club): age 23
Starts PhD program in Renaissance Literature: age 25
Makes many Matmos albums and tours a bit too: age 25-29
Starts The Soft Pink Truth: age 29
Tours world with Bjork as part of her band: age 30
Makes Soft Pink Truth album "Do You Party?": age 31
Tours world with Bjork again: age 31
Makes Soft Pink Truth album "D.Y.W.N.W.O.D.Y.W.T.S.P.T.?": age 33