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We Will Always Be

November 30, 2011
so, we have a new record coming out. it’s been 3 years, that makes it about time for a new album, right? in the slowed down world of Windy and Carl music, multiple years between releases just makes sense. so…..
life is short. sometimes things you think are gonna last forever don’t, and some things you aren’t sure about end up lasting. what have we discovered? that things are not always hard, and remembering what we really wanted and who we really are means very simple things. for me, it is that i love music to no end, and i love to hear carl play the guitar more than just about anything else in this world. i play to hear him play. it’s that simple.
together we have a world no one else really knows. we often do not even need to speak – we just know. we joke about how we share one brain. of course, that means when one of is stressed, the other cannot help but be affected. we find ways to balance this – and most of the time it really works. yeah, we have had bumps in the road, and on occasion it seems as if we may never recover from these bumps, but we do.
so now it’s three years later, three years since the last record. we are still together, and we are still very much in love. we found a way to get back to all the things that really matter, and of course, at the heart of it all, is music. making music. creating this other world.
this new record – it started in 2009 with a series of recordings carl had under taken. i had a solo record – our close friends told carl to make a solo record. he recorded, on and off, for maybe 18 months. all by himself, and amassed a wonderful inventory of tracks to work with. then valentines day 2011 was coming, and his gift to me was this cd of tracks he had done, all alone, and a lot of them new, just for me. i loved them, all of them. i played them all day every day for months. carl told me it was music just for me, and no one else would ever hear it.
you imagine your very favorite guitar player in the world making music just for you. just for you. think of how wonderful that would feel. if carl really did not want anyone else to hear it, so be it. i had new music just for me, and i was overjoyed.
i did play it for some friends, when carl was not around. they were not sure who we were listening to. they had lots of questions, and all came to the same conclusion – carl’s new works were gorgeous, and it was a shame that no one else would hear them. knowing that he might be angry that others had heard, i told him anyway. “our friends like your new work, maybe you should put it out.” and in typical, wonderful carl fashion, he asked me if i wanted to work on the tracks with him.
so – imagine – your very favorite guitar player ever says, “lets make a record together”. of course i said yes – i didn’t want anything else. it was a gift to be able to work on these tracks. it opened my mind up to different ways of thinking, and different ways of creating, and i found ways to forget how afraid i am of singing, and of what people might think of my words, and i simply sang. 4 songs with vocals, all new styles, all different from each other. i told carl he had better hurry up and get the songs out before i realized that maybe i was having a manic moment during creation and changed my mind after. i do play guitar on one song – otherwise, it’s all just carl.
he used the fender rhodes i gave him for his birthday one year, in the late 90s, and several different guitars. i can remember, in the old house (we moved in december of 2010) laying on the couch and listening to him recording the beginnings of what became the last track on this record – Fainting In The Presence Of The Lord, and knowing he was onto something really great – of hearing him come up with new ideas and sounds and absolutely loving them.
after we moved carl was on fire when it came to creating and recording – he spent the winter and early spring reading and playing guitar. it was glorious to me to come home each day after work to find him reading, and in our free time together, he played the guitar. one day in particular, we sat next to each other, and i rubbed his back, while rain gently slid down the old wavy glass casement windows, and he played for me for hours – all new ideas, all new sketches, and i wished i could stay in that moment forever.
this record was such a joy to make.
it has some very endearing moments – some vocal passages that often times in any relationship are never actually spoken. it has some very experimental elements – strange vocal effects, maybe a little borrowing from english noise pioneers……and it has a great deal of carl’s phenomenal guitar playing. it’s arranged in a way to take you somewhere – a gentle start, a thick middle, and an end that will make you see stars.
it was a joy for me to be on this record, to be able to make a new record with the man i love. to have found, that even after the darkest of times, we are still in love, we are still incapable of living without each other, we are still 2 halves of the same being. i would guess you will hear that in this record – it is certainly apparent to me.

nov. 30th, 2011

older albums

January 7, 2011

Cover Image songs for the broken hearted

  • 10 songs, 71 minutes

october 13 2008 kranky krank125


Cover Image the dream house

  • two long, developed pieces, described by Windy as “death and dreams and beliefs and leaving and moving on”

nov 2005 kranky krank090


Cover Image dedications to flea

  • a full-length release of two long tracks, dedicated to their dearly departed dog, Flea. This is the first in the Brainwashed Handmade series and comes in a letterpress edition, silver printing on black paper, limited to 500 copies

june 2005 brainwashed hand 001


Cover Image introspection

  • 3xCD compilation of singles + ep’s, compilation tracks, and live + unreleased songs

oct 2002 blue flea 012


Cover Image consciousness

  • 8 tracks/45 minutes
  • vinyl version limited to 1,000 copies

mar 2001 kranky 045


cover image dream of blue/kate/hypnos cd-ep

  • new mixes + previously unreleased ‘hypnos’ withdrawn from motorway comp.
  • standard artwork with a likeness to the hand-painted 10″ by Windy
  • edition of approx. 1000 copies

Nov 1998 ochre 017


Cover Image depths lp/cd

  • double lp black vinyl/gatefold & cd format
  • approx. 2-5 white label/black vinyl test-pressings

March 1998 kranky 024


cover image antarctica 12″/cd mini-lp 3 songs/40 minutes

  • part 2 of the ‘bliss-out’ series
  • approx. 1500 copies on black vinyl
  • approx. 2-5 white label/black vinyl test-pressings

Feb 1997 darla 027

cover image drawing of sound cd

  • same track listing as vinyl / white design on black paper

April 1996 icon 126


cover image drawing of sound – vinyl lp 5 songs/41 minutes

  • edition of 600 numbered copies on clear-purple vinyl
  • approx. 20-25 copies on maroon colored vinyl
  • 1 copy on almost clear vinyl w/ purple squiggle patterns!
  • white design on a black cover printed by independent project press
  • approx. 20-25 white label/black vinyl test-pressings
  • repress of 1000 copies w/insert on green/white swirl vinyl with a black design on a white, standard cover released in Feb 1997

March 1996 blue flea 07


cover image portal cd – 11 songs/72 minutes

  • contains tracks from the portal cassette plus 3 additional unreleased tracks
  • new cover art with original cassette art located in booklet

Nov 1995 ba-da-bing 04


cover image ‘once dreamt’ – ‘drifting’ mini-lp

  • edition of 1000 copies w/an insert
  • approx. 25-30 white label test-pressings
  • a one-time ‘side project’

Oct 1995 blue flea 05