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January 7, 2007

Cover Image brainwaves

  • seiche

sold at the first brainwaves festival
nov 2006 brainwashed 012


Cover Image brain in the wire

  • trembling (alternate version)

given away to subscribers of THE WIRE magazine, but also available through brainwashed
nov 2000 brainwashed 004


bedroom ambience volume two lp

  • our song is untitled as of yet
  • other contributions still unknown???? 1999 enraptured


ochre records sampler cd

  • our song is ‘dream of blue’ edit version
  • mostly exclusive or alternate versions of songs by sonic boom, will sergeant, skyray, longstone, land of nod, etc.
  • ‘mid price range’ collection liscensed to blue flea as an ocre records sampler????1998/99 blue flea 10


cover image six hours one week cd w/magazine

  • our song is ‘live at go sound’
  • all exclusive tracks including body lovers, james plotkin, etc.
  • edition of 500 copies w/interviews from all participantsFall 1998 s.h.o.w.


kranky records sampler cd

  • our song is ‘undercurrent’
  • all previously released tracks from current kranky releases
  • edition of approx. 1000 copies for u.k. release onlySept 1998 southern


cover image after the flood volume 2 double-cd

  • our song is ‘so near, so far’ (sent in as ‘untitled’ but named by the label…)
  • exclusive tracks also with his name is alive, labradford, robert fripp, more
  • disc one is all vocal tracks + disc two is instumental w/these tracks given electronic treatments by someone at the label…
  • ltd double disc set to be replaced by a single disc at some point with some tracks to be eliminated…August 1998 ae records


badaboom gramophone #3 ‘zine with cd

  • w&c/asha vida collaboration song is ‘your hands, your fate’
  • all collaboration songs w/ bright/juneau, mirza/music for tunnels, 8 more
  • edition of approx. 1500-2500 copiesAugust 1998 badabing


solutions and remedies cd

  • our song is ‘warm like december’
  • exclusive tracks also with mahogany, auburn lull, flowchart, 8 more
  • edition of approx. 1000 copiesMay (?) 1998 clairecords


cover image rebound magazine #2 with 7″

  • our song is ‘ballast’
  • exclusive tracks also with fsa, songs:ohia and lullaby for the working class
  • edition of approx. 1000 copies on black vinyl (only 500 w/ magazine)March 1998 rebound


little army 005 providence cd

  • same tracks as 10″ release with slightly different artwork.
  • edition of approx. 1000 copiesMarch 1998


cover image ptolemaic terrascope magazine ‘terrastock’ issue with live cd

  • our songs are ‘ahwile’ and ‘lighthouse’ (though only ‘awhile’ is listed)
  • all exclusive tracks recorded live at ‘terrastock’ april 1997 in providence.
  • also contains tracks by silver apples, damon & naomi, bardo pond, tom rapp, olivia tremor control, the bevis frond, the deviants, etc.
  • edition of approx. 500 copies also with poster.Early 1998 terrascope


providence 10″

  • hand-held live DAT recording of two noise/soundscapes by fsa dave, bardo pond + azusa plane guitarists & carl from ‘Terrastock” in Providence RI, April 1997. Edition of approx. 1000 copies on black vinylLate 1997 earworm 10


cover image Sunday sept 14, 1997 ‘gig’ cd

  • our song is ‘underground’
  • all exclusive studio tracks W/azusa plane, alphastone, hood, amp, silver apples, sadar bazaar, mount vernon arts lab.
  • edition of approx. 1000 copies in a cardboard case printed in several different colors. 200 copies signed by all the artists.
  • first sold on the day of the sept. 14 ‘gig’ in London, EnglandSept 1997 enraptured


cover image chunklet magazine #12 with cd

  • our song is ‘fuzzy’
  • all exclusive tracks. W/azusa plane, man or astroman, azalia snail, six finger satellite, elf power, 14 more.
  • edition of approx. 2000-3000Summer 1997 chunklet


badaboom gramophone #2 ‘zine w/ cd

  • contains ‘untitled’ five way mirror track (exclusive)
  • all exclusive tracks by bright, juneau, azusa plane, 8 more
  • edition of approx. 1500-2500 copiesApril 1997 badabing


cover image little darla has a treat for you volume 6 / spring 1997 cd

  • our song is ‘antarctica’ 3 minute edit
  • mix of exclusive/non-exclusive tracks also includes flowchart, bugskull, american analog set, 13 more. Edition of approx. 1000 copiesFeb 1997 darla 030


angelfood electronics volume two 12″ lp

  • our song is “marble dream”. All exclusive tracks includes amp, azusa plane, furry things, ultrasound analogic & furry things.
  • 1000 copies – 800 black vinyl & 200 green vinyl.
  • issued on cd along with volume one in late 1997Jan 1997 kake mix 010


cover image go sonic 10 band/10 song 7″

  • our song is “clouds within you”. All exclusive approx. 1 minute long tracks from detroit area artits like asha vida, godzuki, pdm, his name is alive, more.
  • edition of 500 copies on black vinyl w/bookletOct 1996 go sonic


cover image disco sucks – cd/7″ box set uk release

  • our song is “beyond asleep”. 18 exclusive tracks, includes bardo pond, merzbow, spare snare, bis, c-clamp, etc.
  • 7″ box set limited & numbered of 1500-2000 copies on black vinyl with different comic strip coverssummer 1996 che 60


cover image monsters, robots and bugmen – double cd

  • our song is “preparation”, the same version from the ‘portal’ cd
  • all previously released recordings. Also includes jessamine, fsa, labradford, etc.May 1996 virgin uk


cover image detroit electric volume one – cd

  • our song is “birds”, the same version as from the ‘once dreamt’ release
  • contains 14 songs from detroit-area artists such as godzuki, pdm, etc…Jan 1996 de-01


cover image electronic evocations:a tribute to silver apples 10″ ep uk release

  • our song is “program”. Also has contributions from third eye foundation, flowchart, sabine & scaredycat.
  • edition of 1000 numbered copies w/ a special holographic edition of 12 numbered copies, all on black vinyl
  • issued on cd in mid-1996 with extra contributions from amp, alphastone, tranquil, moreNov 1995 enraptured 4502


cover image mind expansion volume One 7″

  • our song is “smeared”. Also has songs from children’s icecream(tommorowland), space monkeys(four hour window) and fuxa
  • edition of 500 copies on white vinyl***3 white label/black vinyl test-pressingsJuly 1995 mind expansion