the end of and world serpent
The executive management of has deleted the entire World Serpent web site.

you can only abuse a child so much before they stop taking it
In 1998, Brainwashed released a limited Coil remix 7" single, World Serpent were interested and requested 100 copies to be sent overseas from the Boston-based headquarters. Brainwashed paid the cost of overseas shipping, the singles arrived, but British Royal Customs wanted tax money on the items. World Serpent refused to pay customs, accept the shipment, and the singles were sent back on a slow boat, arriving in appalling condition, nearly a year later.

In 2000, Brainwashed was putting the plans together for Brain in The Wire. World Serpent again showed interest.

In 2001, World Serpent decided to start paying somebody to design and maintain their web site. The Brainwashed designer/maintainer for the previous years was never paid one penny, despite still providing assistance and support for site-administrative tasks and scripts.

In 2002, Brain in The Wire materialized. World Serpent requested 400 copies to distribute in the UK and Europe, but didn't have shipping plans worked out. Those 400 copies sat for two months until World Serpent changed their mind and decided not to take them.

In 2003, World Serpent chose an option to pay another company to host their domain rather than pay Brainwashed for the service. Brainwashed turned in a final invoice, which was ignored. Brainwashed issued them a notice of termination in 24 hours which was ignored. All of World Serpent's files have been deleted subsequently.

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