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overview opened in 1996 to give a small number of artists some space on the web. These goals have not changed. Since then, a number of artists and small, independent record labels have been added. In addition, the website has expanded to include a weekly magazine of reviews, new release information and site-specific news. is still not a for-profit venture. However, it's becoming increasingly difficult to operate without any substantial income.

a friend in need is operating at a financial loss. Operating costs, administrative costs are not being paid as easily since projects like CD reissues and compilations have yet to break even. has goals for 2003 which include (but are not limited to) the following:

    Brainwashed Archives
    a new mini-label, specializing in specially-packed, limited CD issues of out-of-print material from a number of artists (four releases are lined up right now, FYI, but cannot be divulged at this point).

    Brainwashed TV
    video clips, interviews, live footage, backstage documentaries in the form of free streaming videos on the site.

    The Brainwashed Database
    a fully integrated back-end restructuring of so all artists discographies and biographies are fully interactive, with user-defined views and screens.

    Brainwashed Films
    full-length feature documentaries on brainwashed-related and non-related artists with lengthy histories who want to share their stories on the little or big screens. (DVD or film? Who knows? The sky's the limit. If "Better Living Through Circuitry," "Modutations," "Scratch," and "Sonic Acts/Sonic Images" can be done, why can't we do it???)

Unfortunately, previous fundraising efforts haven't been as successful as planned.

there are a few ways to help out
Constructing The Brain on a weekly basis takes time and energy, video tapes cost money, transportation costs money, and we still provide The Brain for free. As more features are added, more resources become scarce. In addition, work on as a whole needs attention on an ongoing basis. This is where you can come in.

    Sponsorship is now being accepted.
    The Brain will feature displays and links to sponsors on the current week's issue. Currently, the weekly magazine receives an average of 8,000-12,000 readers per week. To find out more information on weekly and monthly rates, please fill out the form below.

    Donations are welcome.
    Brainwashed accepts all donations great and small. Every penny of the money received will be put towards brainwashed related expenses and debts. Donations are accepted both through our Paypal Account and in checks or money orders (made out to brainwashed) in US dollars at our address below.

    There is merchandise still available.
    It's not much but if people don't want to give money without getting something in return, there are some items for sale in the Commerce section of the web site.

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