1998 CD UK Durtro DURTRO044CD
In two panel digipak
Track Listing
  1. I Left Her for a Cartoon Octopus (16:57) [dprombx141]
  2. The Fire of the Mind (18:00) [dprombx141] [durtro022]
  3. The Dead Side of the Moon (21:28)
  4. Bubblehead (19:54)
Penny Rimbaud
Nick Saloman
David Kenny
Nora Duus
Cyke Bancroft
David Cohen
Adrian Teasdale
Sleeve Notes
We were for these songs: Steven Stapleton, David Tibet, Penny Rimbaud, Nick Saloman, David Kenny, Nora Duus, Cyke Bancroft, David Cohen, Adrian Teasdale. And now we aren't. Artwork by Andria Degens and Babs Santini. Photography by Andria Degens and Diego Zaitegui. This album is dedicated to Diego Zaitegui and Lola Parra for there overwhelming kindness to Steven, Dri, David and The Cat Durtro during our time in Almería. Track 1 was recorded in 1998 and engineered by DJ. Track 2 was originally given away free with the book Simply Being. Tracks 3 and 4 were previously issued on the vinyl-only album Musicalische Kürbs Hütte. All titles © David Tibet / Steven Stapleton 1994/1996/1998. (p) Ouroubouros Music 1998. Mastered by Denis at Country Masters.