Keiji Haino review

I'm studying Japanese, and although not fluent, I have a rough idea of what the title means. You said babelfish came back blank, that's probably because Romaji is different from their alphabet. My best guess is that that the first word "Uchu" is a typo of sorts. The album is "Uchu ni karami tsuiti iru waga itami." If the first word should be an elongated "u" sound, it would be spelled "Uchuu ni ....". If that's the case, here are a couple of possibilities:

  • Travelling with little luggage through space affects my grief
  • Space Entanglement Concerning our Pain.
  • Lonely Space Travel Affects our Pain.
  • My Grief is affected by Lonely Space Travel

Don't know if this helps or not, since I'm not fluent and I'd need to know the context to get the structure correct. Those crazy Japanese are always omitting the context. =)

Scott McKeating responds: Many thanks for your response. I'm sure any of those possible translations fit the sound of the album though. Maybe we should run a competition...