Please join us in welcoming Ba Da Bing! Records to the Brainwashed family.  Ba Da Bing! is one of the most innovative and noteworthy independent record labels with fantastic artists like Landing and Yume Bitsu (scooped up by K records), Six Organs of Admittance (scooped up by Drag City), Comets On Fire (scooped up by Sub Pop), Sons and Daughters (scooped up by Domino), and the Badaboom Gramophone series of books with CD compilations. 

Nearly the entire catalogue has been added to Brainwashed Radio, Ba Da Bing! music has also been added to the Podcast playlist. Please give Ba Da Bing! a warm welcome and take some time to familiarize yourself with their roster through the website, now proudly hosted here with the rest of the fantastic other companies and artists.